Art by Heather Robinson - SF, CA
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About San Francisco Artist Heather Robinson

Earthly Desires

In this collection of paintings, I explore the juxtaposition of everyday objects with ornamentation. These works represent some of my thoughts about my life and the relationships that govern it. The ordinary item depicted in each piece, an object held in my hand, acquires personal symbolism as I complete the painting. The patterns are all completely hand-painted and based on historical textile designs. Painting the design is a meticulous process which gives me opportunity to meditate on the meaning of the work – more than a decorative element, the pattern is a testament to the time and thought process involved. Patterns that first appear to be uniform and symmetrical, upon closer examination reveal themselves to be irregular and varied as a result of human imperfection. The pieces are obliquely autobiographical, but I hope they speak to the viewer.

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Guilty Pleasures Tiny Wounds Proof of Payment
You May Want To But You Cannot
Counting You May Not Want To But You Must Ask Again Later The Bed I Lie In
A Coming Together, A Pulling Apart
Earthly Work I
Earthly Work II
Earthly Work III
Earthly Work IV We Want to be Loved for Our Deepest Faults
Pattern Manipulation I
Pattern Manipulation II
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